We offer dog mushing trips related to the history of the Vemork sabotours and Amundsen's south pole expedition.

Common to both tours:

Ideal group sizes are from two to eight guests but we have opportunity to accommodate up to fifteen where the guests mainly ski and the dog teams take most of the luggage. The duration of the trips are from five to six days depending on whether guests want hotel accommodation and a museum tour at the end. Participants should have sufficient cross country skiing experience. We can also arrange mushing trips without skiing for small groups. Accommodation during the trip will be in a lavvu, hut or tent with opportunity to build a snow caves, if desired. All trips are planned according to weather and conditions. The Saboteur trip follows the original route and Bjaaland South Pole journey is planned as a round trip in mountainous terrain of up to 1400m (4600 feet) above sea.
There will be one to three two guides on each trip. Prices are from around £500 to £1100 per guest depending on the needs and group size. Contact us for more information and a price quote.


We can arrange canoe trips for groups of up to nine people. It can be white water day trips or longer tours with multiple stop overs. Please contact us for more information.

Other activities, tours and courses:

-Skiing, various types.
-Avalanche courses, choosing safe routes in the mountains.
-Pack trips with horses or huskies
-Hunting and fishing trips
-Climbing and abseiling
-Snow sculpture
-Kite surfing courses
-Kaiak trips
-Equipment-making and craft courses
-Activities and trips combined with academic theory within health and therapy

We have a good network of partners and may be able to accommodate special wishes on request. Please contact us for inquires and requests for additional activities.



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